The Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch of the PRA was founded to create a meeting place for ex-members of the Parachute Regiment in the Central Region of Scotland. We now include the West of Scotland, especially Glasgow and Ayrshire. Membership of the Association is open to all ranks past and present of the Parachute Regiment, regular and TA, including members of other regiments who have served or are serving a tour with the Parachute Regiment. In addition all others who have served or are serving with a British Airborne Formation or Unit are eligible for membership.


The Association’s membership covers all age groups and many cap badges. There are currently 81 Association branches nationwide including Northern Ireland. There may be one in your home town or nearby, membership of a branch is optional. Branch meetings are generally held monthly to organise social functions, visits, reunions, pilgrimages, battlefield tours and of course to catch up on the latest Regimental news and gossip over a drink or two. 

All of the branches are keen to recruit those who have recently left the service.

They also welcome visits from serving soldiers. They are particularly keen to hear about your experiences in today’s Army.



Someone has to stand the line,

In peace or in a war.

But distance from the battlefield,

Was not how we kept score.


Duty, honour, country,

Is what we did and more.

For we are one together,

And that is worth fighting for.


The brotherhood is not about,

The ones who faced the fight.

Its all about the ones who served,

And did what they thought right.



Delta Blue