Thanks to Network Rail for allowingthis collection to help raisefunds for a pledge of £1400 SSAFA have tasked each rider with.  Each rider also has to pay £100 to register to be part of the event from their own pocket.  Representing the Branch on this amazing journey and thanks to all who gave their free time to raise the funds and to those individuals who gave a personal donation - Norman Mc Kay and Shug Wilson deserve a special mention.  If you would like to donate to this cause please look at my Virgin just giving page at:


Once again Glasgow and West of Scotland P.R.A. stand too for the Poppy Scotland 2016 appeal


Thanks to Mrs Catherine O' Neil from Glasgow Central Station for all her help and the Public who pass through the Station for their donations which are second to none.


A special thanks to the members of Glasgow and West of Scotland P.R.A. who once again gave up their FREEDOM to collect for this worthy cause.

On Sunday 23rd October 2016 Family and Friends of Robert, including representatives from the Royal Dublin Fusiliers and our Branch to name but a few attended a ceremony just outside the Peoples Palace on Glasgow Green where our Lord Provost The Right Honourable Councillor Sadie Docherty unveiled a paving stone in Roberts memory.

A VC and MM holder he did our City proud. Relations from as far as Canada attended this special occasion which included his Granddaughter Helena Casserly,
Allen David Downie, Claire Downie Faulkner, Beryl Downie, Ian Downie and last but not lest Carol Downie Jones. 

Also in attendance was Mr Mark Hanniffy, Council General of Ireland to Scotland and Mr. Tom Burke MBE - Chairman The Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

You can read Roberts heroics if you Google his name etc.

Thanks to our Vice Chairman - Frank Cameron and Standard Bearer - Sammy Moynihan for being good sports by donning Roberts favourite football teams colours after the parade.

Another good show and we were priveliged to have the Lord Provost of Glasgow The Rt Hon Councillor Sadie Docherty take the Salute


On the 29th January 2016 members of the branch were invited by the Right Honourable Sadie Docherty the Lord Provost of Glasgow to a photo shoot in the 'BIG HOUSE' ie: Glasgow City Chambers


Also joining us was Capt Ally Stewart and some Emperors from A Coy - 4 PARA including our neighbours from the 'East' the Lothian Branch P.R.A. led by their Secretary John Owens ably assisted by their Treasurer Jim Dingwall, Juno, Peter Flynn and last but not least Ian Spence who kindly stood in as a Standard bearer with his old mucker Denis Mc Cormick.


A BIG thanks to all who managed along from our branch and an even Bigger thanks to Councillor Malcolm Balfour for arranging this for us all. Presentations were made to the LP from our Vice Chairman 'UNCLE FRANK' of a Silver PARA Jump Statue from our branch and Mr Jim Dingwall from LOTHIAN branch presented the LP with a momento from the NORTHERN REGION P.R.A.


A special thanks has to go to ALL the photographers who made this event with their 

pictures making it even more special - Jim Bishop (Ex 3 PARA -APTC )

and his Son - John (Ex A&SH) incuding Danny Mc Crae and David Kerr.

Well done to all the members of the Glasgow & West of Scotland Branch P.R.A. - one of 3 official branches of the Parachute Regimental Association here in Scotland AND BEYOND who turned up in the bad weather along with lots others to commemorate the FALLEN in our home City.  

The Second City of the EMPIRE as it was known in the Past once again paid homage led by our Lord Provost the Right Honourable Mrs Sadie Docherty

Thanks also to WO2 Robbie Grant for inviting all of us back to 15 Coy - 4 PARA's hall TO  shoot the SHIT!  MEMORIES are made of this.


Lastly, a BIG thanks to UNCLE FRANK who led us as CHAIRMAN for the final time - SIMPLY THE BEST!!


Once again a BIG thanks to the Branch members who made the effort to Stag On for the Poppy appeal.  First time as Glasgow & West of Scotland so you all did us proud.   Special thanks to the Central Station management team led by Mrs Catherine O'Neill - Station assistant support manager and all the staff from Network rail who helped us during the time we were in the Station like Drew, Shug, Jim and Vic to name but a few.   Thanks lastly to WO2 Robbie Grant of 15 Coy -  4 PARA for providing additional troops for this worthy cause

On a very somber occasion Branch members turned up to support the Legion Scotland open this Garden in our home city.  Crosses were laid at the PARA wreath in memory of fallen comrades and sadly the numbers each year seem to go up.

Thanks to Kevin Gray MM - the CEO of Legion Scotland for the invite and a special thanks to Sammy Moynihan and Davie Panayotou for carrying the Branch standards

75th Anniversary of the Number 1 Parachute Training School at Ringway Airport ( Manchester International)


On Saturday 29th August 2015 members of The Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch of the Parachute Regimental Association attended this event representing Scotland.


Visiting Tatton Park was the first port of call and it was at this location that Sir Winston Churchill stood and watched the first ever Paratroopers exit onto the Drop Zone (DZ)  - hence the monument erected where he stood. (Smoking a Cigar no doubt)


Next service took place at Terminal 1 - Garden of Remembrance to those gallant men and women who made history.


Lest we forget

On Saturday 22nd August 53 members of the Branch, including family and friends and not forgetting the Lothian Branch Chairman - Davie Adams along with his Secretary - Johnny Owens and 1 other joined forces to help raise funds for SSAFA - FH - Colonel "BUZZ" Russell's 500 mile cycle to London.  

Led by our Chairman - Frank Cameron, we all took part in this annual event at HQ Scotalnd competing for the "SGT - JAKE ELLIOT" Trophy.  Martin O'Hear won the very first event and we are glad to report "Chicken - George Boothby" won this event with a total score of 19.  Not bad when you consider he is a professional who was on crutches.

The whole event was overseen by Colonel "BUZZ" Russell and Major Currie, ably assisted with 3 other range instructors which included the Colonels Son - George. £1730 was raised by the branch and add to that the donation from the Lothian Branch of £50 was an excellent achievement from the "Airborne" Brotherhood here in Scotland.

All retired after the shootin of Clay's to Shoot the Sh-t in the Sgt's Mess.  A big hank you to ALL for making this a perfect day and especially to Peter Morrison, Jim Bishop, George Boothby, Terry Mc Vey and Steven Nugent for acting as Score Judges and also for the amount of family and friends they enticed top come along and join us