The Colonel Commandant and President of the PRA feels strongly that we are a national Regiment and the PRA is a national organisation.  The Regional Management Committee structure, which was agreed to at the Extraordinary Executive Committee meeting held at the NMA on Sat 28 Feb 15, was created to give all regions more say in how their affairs are run under the constitution of the PRA and the National Executive.  This structure was reiterated to the PRA Branches in Scotland by the National Chairman and his Secretary on Tue 14 Feb 15 at Dunfermline City Chambers. It was also highlighted that name of the Northern Region could easily be changed to PRA Scotland, if required, to further enhance the integrity of the region.  At the National Executive meeting in Colchester a sum of £2000 pounds was granted to Scotland to run their own Airborne Forces Day. The Regiment provided a 4 PARA Colour Party and a Platoon strong Colour Guard to be in attendance.  Other Regimental support to Scottish events was discussed and work by RHQ is ongoing.

At the National Executive Meeting Sat 18 Apr 15 the Committee discussed in detail the proposal from some Scottish branches that elements of Northern Region be permitted to form a separate Scottish Executive Committee with full executive powers, under a new constitution and with less stringent  membership requirements. The proposal also wished to dissolve branch charitable status, create a new central charity whilst retaining affiliation to the National PRA.

The Executive Committee could not accept these changes to the Regional Structure and voted against the proposal by 8 votes to 2.  The Executive Committee could not accept an affiliated organisation, using the PRA name, under a different constitution. They felt this would fracture the national organisation and dilute its membership.  The Executive Committee is duty bound to ensure PRA Northern Region continues to provide an open door, to allow all branches and Scottish members, to remain part of the PRA.


B A Radbourne

Regt Lt Col

National PRA Chairman