An email I recieved

Read story below please:

Good afternoon Terry,

I hope you're well. My name is Linzi Murdoch and I am a Care Assistant in a residential care home just outside Glasgow ( Barrhead).
I am reaching out to you as we have an 81 year old gentleman, Tom ( Farquhar), who served in The Parachute Regiment and his service with the Armed Forces is very important to him.

Although Tom has a diagnosis of Dementia he is Charming, Witty and Fiercely proud of his service. The Parachute Regiment continues to be a huge part of his identity and he would be absolutely delighted to meet and share his stories with someone from your organisation.

Would it be at all possible that someone in your organisation may like to pay him a visit to share a cuppa and a chat , it would mean the world to him.
Many thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.
Linzi Murdoch
The Firs Care Home

End of Story: As you can see in the pictures we stood and delivered: "UTRINQE PARATUS"
TOM served in XV PARA and 33rd Bty - Royal Artillery as a National Serviceman. We are joined in the photos with the presence of our Uncle Frank, and John Patrick Somers who was ex Royal Engineers and Last but not least Linzi who, give her praise, took the time out to make Tom happy. Well done her as she mentioned she didn't expect reply.